POP ~ Peace on Purpose Guided Meditation Class with Janet Ellis

In Her Peace

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If you’re curious about meditation and other mind-body practices but aren’t sure where to begin, Janet’s POP – Peace on Purpose Meditation Class is an ideal starting point. In this relaxed one hour class Peaceful Living Coach and Hypnotherapist, Janet Ellis will introduce you this timeless practice in a comfortable group environment.

Elicit your body’s natural relaxation response and protective mechanism against distress, sleep better, improve your concentration and experience inner peace. Discover your body’s own inner intelligence. Meditation helps in the natural healing process and helps reduce pain.

Classes are approximately 1 hour long. Wear loose, comfy clothing. Some people like to sit or lie on the floor, others feel more comfortable sitting in a chair. You don’t need to be able to sit in a yoga position nor do you need to tie your body into a pretzel. We’ll breathe, focus, listen to our bodies, hear some nice music and relax on a guided inward journey.

Some of the practices we will experience in the guided sessions are progressive relaxation, body scan, manifesting success, increasing confidence and self-esteem, developing courage, coping with emotional and physical pain, natural meditation, and antidotes to stress to use throughout your day.

Class sizes limited to 8 participants.

Saturday Morning Classes: 9-10am



Themes vary monthly.

For more information visit Janet's website at www.inherpeace.com

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