Inspired Awareness Meditation & Journaling with Janet Ellis

In Her Peace

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Meditation and Journaling are powerful practices in and of themselves. Each allows us to journey inward, and to connect with a deeper, more authentic aspect of our self. When we intentionally combine the two practices... meditation and journaling; we engage in a perfect dance of inquiry and reflection, of allowing our truth to effortlessly emerge, and answers to unfold both from within the meditation, and to pour onto the page. Journaling allows us to record our process, and to see our progress. The ultimate goal is to raise awareness in all aspects of our lives, and to create and lives that are more loving, peaceful, joyful, & abundant.

Janet Ellis will facilitate this weekly hour long class. We will combine the 2 practices; sometimes alternating as we go depending on how we are moved.

No experience in either meditation or journaling is necessary. Come with an open heart and mind. Your presence for your own well-being is all that is required.

Alis Living ~ A Lifestyle Boutique
6938 E. 1st Street ~ Scottsdale
Wednesday Evenings
5:30pm - 6:30pm
Seating is limited to 8 participants


Wear comfortable clothing. We will be reclining on back jacks on the floor.


As a gifted facilitator, Janet utilizes Transformational Life Coaching, Hypnotherapy, Movement, and Meditation in a powerful, yet gentle way to guide you to your own answers. With a wealth of personal and professional experience, Janet promotes optimal living in a peaceful, yet powerful way, showing you how to channel unproductive energy, energy that you may now be using to block your goals, into directed focused energy that will bring about life changes that may be beyond your imagination right now.   Her passion for personal growth and improving others’ lives encouraging them to balance their lives for inner peace, total health, and rich relationships. Janet speaks with humor, candor, insight and inspiration, creating a safe and intimate environment for you to dream, discover, and develop a plan to re-create the life you love. If you want to substantially improve the quality and depth of your own life or the lives of others, open yourself to a conversation with Janet– She will teach you how to turn your own thoughts into a powerful tool you can use to accomplish your goals.


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