CONNECTING Mind and Body Guided Meditation

CONNECTING Mind and Body Guided Meditation

In Her Peace

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Discover your own innate wisdom. Experience greater happiness and peace of mind.
People all over the world are discovering the power of the mind-body connection and that using this amazing resource and body “intelligence” you can improve your health, shed unwanted weight, reduce stress, gain confidence, and much, much more.

CONNECTING mind & body is designed to help relax and guide you into a powerful awareness of your mind-body connection. Set to renowned healing music composer, Christopher Lloyd Clarke’s composition, Letting Go, it moves very slowly and gently, creating a space for you let go of the outside world and truly sink into a state of profound relaxation. As you listen to the meditation, you will begin to gain an understanding of the power that resides within your own body and intelligence. I suggest you listen to the meditation for the first time with the intention of just getting acquainted with your own unique mind-body connection. Each time you listen to the meditation afterwards, it will be helpful to set an intention for something you are trying to accomplish in your life. Perhaps you want to reduce your stress, lower your blood pressure, or shed some unwanted weight. You may have a desire to increase your confidence in a certain area of your life or perhaps you just want to experience more peace. Whatever your desire, set your intention and then listen to the meditation. You will emerge feeling more relaxed, peaceful, and confident that you can reach your goals. If you listen to the meditation before bed, just allow yourself to go to sleep. You will probably get a better night’s rest. If you are listening to the meditation at another time of day, just go about your daily routine, letting go of any outcome, knowing that as you become more and more acquainted with yourself, you will also become more aware of the opportunities that present themselves and that help you reach your goals.
Length 25:36


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