Chakra Meditation & Watercolor Workshop with Kristen Fagan ahd Janet Ellis


  • $ 39.00

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Create and explore the 7 major chakras in a fun, soul nourishing Chakra Meditation & Watercolor workshop. 

Janet will guide you on a relaxing rainbow chakra meditation journey where you will enjoy deep relaxation, increased creativity, and profound peace.

Then…. Kristen will facilitate an intuitive watercolor exercise based on the colors of each chakra. Putting brush to paper, you will inspire your sacred heart and enhance the meditative vibrations through painting, creativity and color.  At the end of class, you will have created 7 small 6x8 watercolor meditation paintings based on each chakra color. 

Even if you have never meditated or picked up a paint brush, you will enjoy this workshop.

All materials are provided.

Light refreshments will be served.

Thursday, August 17th
6:30 – 8:30pm


Kristen Fagan is an artist and graphic designer. Kristen is inspired by the natural world and influenced by her feelings in the moment of creation. Driven to learn, grow, practice and evolve as an artist, Kristen explores creativity through design, art and handmade creations that have brought much joy and purpose into her life. Kristen creates things that make her heart sing and remind her of life’s simple pleasures such as playing under a willow, catching fireflies or taking a stroll in the forest. Her art is colorful and joyful and her hope is that YOU, the viewer, feel that joy!


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