Artist Receptions

"Nature is a revelation of God; Art is a revelation of Man."~ Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


Join us to meet & mingle with our first featured artist, Kristen Fagan. Learn about the inspiration behind the pieces you fall in love with. Enjoy hanging out with like-minded art lovers, within the walls of the historic Charles Miller Home. Sip local wines and savor delicious appetizers or desserts. 

Kristen is a multi-passionate artist and creative warrior. She's an author, designer, painter, painting facilitator and creativity coach that encourages you to be brave, love deeply and shine brightly. Kristen's work is full of joyful color, energy and possibility. She is inspired by the natural world and influenced by her feelings in the moment of creation. Kristen is driven to learn, grow, practice and evolve as an artist. Kristen is a lifelong and self motivated explorer of self expression. Kristen believes that art is an invitation to get to know yourself more fully. Art is a reflection of life. She is passion about inspiring and guiding you to awaken your creative spirit, release your ego, trust in your magic and transform your life. Life is yours to create!