Garden of Eating Guided Meditation

Garden of Eating Guided Meditation

In Her Peace

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There’s no question that good nutrition is a key component for living a vibrant healthy life. Often we struggle to create a healthy, nutrient dense tasty lifestyle. Janet’s Garden of Eating meditation will help you focus on getting intimate with the food you eat, and on making the connection between seed and soul. Sit back and relax, close your eyes and let Janet’s soothing voice carry you off to an enchanted garden. Come back to your life with a new perspective and confidence that you can fully enjoy healthy foods and create vibrant health.


Janet’s Bio

Facilitator in the Art of Peaceful Living, Janet Ellis, uses peaceful, powerful and straightforward tools that allow clients to gain clarity around their desires, and to move beyond fear and confusion into a place of calm confidence, enhanced creativity, and personal freedom.

For over 20 years, Janet has served women from diverse paths in life, from artists to engineers. Her customized coaching sessions utilize a variety of assessment tools, creative projects, mind mapping, visioning, hypnosis, guided meditation, and movement to help clients discover their gifts, identify their desires, and develop a peaceful plan of action to reach them.

In addition to her private practice, and to further support her students and clients, Janet facilitates a variety of weekly guided meditation classes at her Alis Living Studio in Scottsdale, Arizona.



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