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Often, the most stressful time of day for women, is while we are standing in the middle of our own closets staring at overflowing racks, and still feeling as though we have nothing to wear. What if you could walk into your closet and pull a fashionable outfit together for any occasion. How would your day change, even how would your life change if you felt confident that the clothes in your closet work together to support your lifestyle, to make you look and feel fabulous?

Even though I am the proprietor of a fashion boutique, this still happens to me. So I'm pretty sure it happens to a lot of women. And it really is something we don't have to tolerate in our lives. With a little bit of knowledge and a bit of assistance, we could virtually transform our mornings, and as a result our entire day.

Really, it goes beyond that too. When we look and feel great, we also feel more confident and happy.

I invite you to join us this Thursday evening, February 23rd from 6pm - 8pm for a fun STYLE NIGHT with Jennie Tighe of Elemental Style. Jennie's going to bring her expertise as a Personal Stylist and help us identify our Fashion Personalities. Then we'll go through magazines, as she guides us through curating a cohesive look that will help us cull through our closets and begin to create a wardrobe that truly reflects our authentic selves and our lifestyles. Plus it will be fun to enjoy a little wine with a few like minded ladies.

Click the link below to register for your spot. It's just $39 and is sure to make a huge impact on your life.


$39 ($45 at the door)


Jennie will also be joining us later this spring for some additional amazing fashion focused workshops. We're looking forward to helping you learn about topics such as, dressing for your body type, color analysis, enhancing your wardrobe with accessories. Make sure to stay connected so you don't miss a thing!

 On another note, or rather, related note, have you seen this book?

For you book lovers, "the curated closet" by Anuschka Rees just arrived in the boutique. It is a nice adjunct to Jennie's workshop, and is a pretty comprehensive guide to discovering your personal style and building your dream wardrobe. It makes a lovely reference piece or a lovely gift.

Check back on Friday when we begin our first Fashion Friday video cast where we will be talking about a variety of fashion topics.

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