The Life Changing Magic of Gratitude with Attitude

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Gratitude with Attitude

Join us this Saturday
November 11th
11 am – 2 pm
The Life Changing Magic of
Gratitude with Attitude

In our modern society, we like to have themes, categories, and labels for everything. We label people, fashion, diets. We have trends. We live our lives by the theme of the month. November’s theme happens to be gratitude. Though not much time is spent really focusing on gratitude, it’s benefits to us, and to the world at large. We pay a pittance of lip service to the expression of gratitude on Thanksgiving Day. Perhaps we take turns at the dinner table expressing the things we are most grateful for. We give ourselves just that moment…and then we dig in! We enjoy the bounty before us, not giving a thought to how it got there, or where it came from. We completely miss the mark on how gratitude can truly play a much grander role in our lives.

Join us this Saturday when we will be talking about The Life Changing Magic of Gratitude with Attitude.

We’ll be talking about the many surprising benefits of gratitude, and on how you can easily incorporate gratitude into your daily life.

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