Open Letter to Len and the women of Garden of Eating

Posted by Janet Ellis on

Good Morning Len, Michelle, Candace, Laura, Michaela, and Dale,

I'm sitting here still basking in the beauty of the service that occurred in the kitchen at Alis yesterday. It reminds me of a time when I served at a De Colores Spiritual Retreat many years ago. You know, the kind where you walk into a situation fully intending to serve others. It was an exhausting weekend of anticipating and attending to the needs of the participants...but I walked away from that retreat feeling like I had received far more than I gave. I was young then, and didn't yet realize that the more you give in the service of love, the more you receive.

It felt like that yesterday. From  walking through the Garden of Eating meditation, and savoring fresh organic strawberries, to chanting out the Universal sound OM at the beginning of class, to laughing and crying, to wound and heart care, we served one another. And of course, to gathering around the table chopping, stirring, cooking, and eating together we nurtured one another and our bodies. When I look at your beautiful faces in our group photo, I see love, and I see joy. I also see gratitude. We all felt blessed to be there. We did it Ladies! We ALL did it! Every woman there participated with her heart and her hands. I hope you walked away feeling loved, because, beyond measure, you are. I know that I did.

My heart is full. My cup is full, and I am looking forward with great anticipation to having more women enjoy the Garden of Eating.
Have a lovely Sunday,
Love and Blessings,
For those of you yet to join us, I invite you to visit our workshops and classes descriptions page to explore and perhaps discover a class or workshop that will nourish your mind, body, and spirit.

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  • I felt it too Janet! Garden of Eating is much more than a cooking class. It is a spiritual adventure that will nourish your heart, your soul and your tummy! You will savor the love long after you leave.


    Michelle on

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