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When we first opened Alis Living two years ago, I knew that we would be collaborating with other brilliant women to bring their gifts and talents to our clients. Admittedly, I have had a rather steep learning curve in the organic fashion business, but I am so proud that we stuck to our guns, and of what we have done here at Alis. Organic fashion multiplies the challenges already inherent in the fashion industry, and what we are creating here at Alis Living is different than any other boutique in Arizona (as far as I know....and please correct me if you know of other organic only boutiques.) Our goal is to be THE resource in Arizona for women to come to and to be able to pull together a beautiful functional wardrobe with gorgeous organic fashion. Whether she has an executive board meeting, a date on the yoga mat, or a special evening out, we want her to find the perfect combination to create her desired look. Just as important, we want our woman to feel as good as she looks.

"Because being beautiful should not harm you."

Women's health concerns are increasing, with some chronic conditions becoming epidemic. While much of this process is due to leading unprecedented stressful lives, much of it is also due to lifestyle, food, and fashion choices. Since this post is about fashion, I'll just note that the skin is the largest organ on the human body, and through it, we absorb huge amounts of toxins, both from our environment, and from our clothing. For example, note that cotton is the most chemically treated plant on the planet. Now, imagine that you are wearing your favorite white cotton long-sleeved button down shirt. You have no idea that your beautiful skin is absorbing residual toxins from both the pesticides that were sprayed on the cotton plant, and from chemicals added during the manufacturing process...and they are seeping right into your blood stream where they are wreaking havoc on your health and well-being. Chemical consequences may not show up right away so when you begin to feel lethargic, experience headaches, digestive issues, skin issues, or any other number of symptoms, you will never guess that what you wear every single day could be a contributing factor. This does not even begin to address the environmental impact that the fast fashion business has on the planet, and that is for another post.

"walk gently ~ live beautifully"

For now, I'd like to address the focus of this post, which is my desire to collaborate with a Fabulous like-minded Personal Stylist. She may be YOU or someone you know, and I'd welcome a conversation, perhaps a meeting, and ultimately a mutually beneficial agreement. Below are some of the criteria for my Dream Personal Stylist (Image Consultant):

Dream Personal Stylist (Image Consultant)

She is passionate about fashion, women’s health, and the environment

She can capably and compassionately guide women to dressing for their unique bodies.

She loves to help a woman discover her fashion color palette.

She can help a woman accessorize and bring out her own unique personality

She can help a woman create a wardrobe capsule for each season, showing her how to combine a limited number of pieces into a maximum number of outfits that make her look and feel fabulous.

She can effectively co-manage inventory so that we have what we need to have in order to optimally serve our client

She is willing to learn about fast fashion vs slow fashion and "eco-friendly" vs organic fashion

She is willing to spend a few hours in the boutique each week. (assisting clientele, merchandising, etc.)

She is not obsessed with becoming a celebrity personal stylist (although it could happen, so she should be prepared)

Other items on my dream list: participate in photo shoots, blogging, social media, image/fashion capsule creation, facilitating workshops

Some characteristics we’re looking for:

Maturity that is unrelated to age, dependable, has integrity, honest,  takes initiative, creative, assertive, kind, compassionate, humble

What’s in it for YOU?

Input into what fashion items we carry in the boutique; clothes, as well as accessories; jewelry, scarves, outer garments, etc. We want to make it easy for you, and for our clients.

You would be identified as one of the only Personal Stylists in Arizona to be able to offer 100% organic fashion. Different from eco-friendly.

Ability to purchase your personal organic wardrobe at wholesale pricing.

Potentially accompany me to market (LA, Vegas, New York)

Compensation based on performance

Tall order I know, but if this sounds like you or someone you know, let's talk. Email your contact information (name, email, phone #) to Include a paragraph about why this interests you and a bit about yourself. Please read and thoroughly understand this post before contacting me as it is of utmost importance that you understand how we serve our client.

I am so incredibility excited to offer this opportunity to the right person, and I look forward to hearing from you!



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