Celebrating Earth Day 2017

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When I donated this tree to The Simple Farm last year, I didn't realize that, in addition to helping create some shade for the farm, I was also helping our planet. It was just on my heart to help some goats stay out of the sun and honoring my sweet sister, Barbara.

Tomorrow, Saturday, April 22nd is Earth Day. It is marked with celebrations of our amazing planet, as well as acts of renewal, and commitments to be kinder to our beautiful Earth home. With media coverage so readily available, one would have to live in a cave to not be informed to some degree that the earth is in serious trouble, and that she is in desperate need of some serious TLC. In an effort to learn a little bit more about what we can do to reduce our personal impact, and encourage others to do the same, I did a little internet perusing. I discovered a couple of helpful websites: www.earthday.org created the world’s largest environmental movement and has a few suggestions to help us clean up our planet.

Tips from Earthday.org

1)      Eat less meat

According to earthday.org, 20% of manmade gas emissions come from the meat industry. That’s a huge impact. In addition to helping create a healthier planet, eating less meat will help you create a healthier body. According to Dr. Mladen Golubic of The Cleveland Clinic, transitioning to a more plant based diet can help you avoid a number of serious chronic conditions from heart disease and diabetes to cancers.

2)      Stop using disposable plastic bags

Earthday.org reports that about 300 million tons of plastic is manufactured every year for everything from plastic bags to water bottles, with less than 10% of the plastic being recycled. Chemicals and toxins are leaching into our soil and water creating health hazards for people and animals. It all seems so foreign to us when we don’t immediately correlate the effects. I was horrified to see a documentary filmed on an island that was filled with wild birds and fish who had died from consuming plastics.

3)      Reduce your carbon footprint

Earthday.org has done some pretty comprehensive studies of the impact our modern lifestyles have on the environment. They even created a test you can take to discover your own carbon footprint. Holy cow! I took this test and was astounded at my own impact. Really, while I thought I was doing pretty well, I discovered I have a long way to go and will be making some changes immediately. Here’s the link so you can take the test yourself:  http://www.earthday.org/reduce-footprint-take-ecological-footprint-quiz/

4)      March for science

Scientific research is how we discover how what we do affects our environment and we need to be supporting that research. It is how we discovered the effects of climate change and so much more. Write your congressman and let them know you support science that informs us of how our policies and decisions affect our environment and planet.

5)      Plant a tree or donate a tree

According to earthday.org, deforestation is responsible for around 15% of greenhouse gas emissions. It also contributes to poverty and to the extinction of species when they lose their natural habitats. Planting trees is one of the easiest and most beautiful ways to prevent climate change. Click here to donate a tree: https://donate.earthday.org/events/trees-for-earth/e76443

I am so completely stoked to let you know that we have fabulous new nursery in town. Arcadia Color Garden Nursery (remember Baker Nursery) has opened up just around the corner from us and owner, Bill Jones assures me that he has a nice stock of gorgeous plants and trees for you to get started with. They are located at 1828 N. 52nd Street in Phoenix. Tell them Janet, at Alis Living sent you! You can also find them on facebook, and I'll post the link here when I can figure out why facebook won't open up here on this computer.

6)      Create your own green act

  1. Great ideas are meant to be shared, and when we share, we also encourage one another. What creative ways are you coming up with to be kinder to our planet? Let us know and we’ll share it on the blog.


Our motto here at Alis and some of what we do to protect our environment

walk gently ~ live beautifully

  1. We carry all organic (organic fabrics, no toxins or chemicals) fashion
  2. Our gift bags are made from recycled paper
  3. Our receipts are paperless
  4. We use fabric hand towels in our ladies room instead of paper towels
  5. We use non toxic chemical free natural cleaners.
  6. We grow an organic herb garden in our front yard
  7. We offer organic cooking classes
  8. and more

We’re learning and growing all the time and look forward to reducing our carbon footprint even more. What I’ve come to believe, at least for me, is that it’s always more fun to work together, here’s two ways we can do that:

  1. Next time you shop with us, show us your own bag and we’ll give you an extra 5% off!
  2. Send us your meatless meal recipes and we’ll create a Meatless Monday series on the blog just so we can share your recipes. Be sure to include a yummy photo too!
  3. Join us for fun workshops and classes that help us all walk more gently and live more beautifully.

Remember that starting with one small commitment can make a huge difference and when you start to make a difference, others will be inspired by your actions.

Supporting our earth home in beautiful ways can not only help protect our planet, it will also make you feel good. Join us at our 1st Annual Yard Sale tomorrow, Saturday, April 22nd from 10am – 6pm. You can enjoy some refreshing beverage infusions, and pick up a Medina French Market Basket or Thieffry Linen Market Bag that will make a big impact at the Farmer’s Market or grocery store.  We’ll have some fabulous deals on gorgeous organic fashion and some fun home décor items for you. You’ll be helping us clean house, protect the planet, AND go home with a gorgeous new item to cart your goodies around in.

YOU are an influencer. How do you want to use your influence?





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