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"Charlie and The Angels"

When Artist, Debra Garza of Lavenders Blue Art proposed leading an art journaling and bookbinding workshop in our lovely space, I was overjoyed. Journaling has been a powerful tool in my life for decades, and I love the idea of learning to bind our own special books. A few years ago, I participated in another class led by another uber talented artist friend, Terry Parvan of Winifred Street. After completing that journal cover, I looked at it and realized I had created a mini vision board. Journals are so telling.

Pictured above is the inside cover of a journal I began in August of 2003. My daughter, Brandi, my two sweet nieces, and our beloved cocker spaniel, Charlie warmed my heart each time I opened the journal to record an entry. Those photographs were reminders of some special times in my life.

When I thought about this entry, I pulled several of my journals from their special places on my bookshelves, and this one seemed to call for review. It's so sweet to see that while my world has certainly changed, things that were important to me then, over 10 years ago, continue to hold value for me today. Poignant validation for the work I do, for my mission in life, and for what I want to share in the world.

Our lives are precious and while I caution clients to "not dwell in the past," recording your life to look back on, to connect the dots, to reveal your path, to gain validation, to remind you that life is full of joyful moments, and to help you recall where you've been is a lovely gift to yourself.

I do hope you'll join us next Saturday, September 19th from 11:00-1:00 Click HERE for more info on the workshop, on Debra, and to register. What a wonderful way to remember life's moments.



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