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Happy Monday! I get LOTS of requests for the recipes for the variety of smoothies that I like to make and post all over social media. I've even had some people thinking that we sell smoothies here at Alis Living. Not the case...We do lots of things here, meditation classes, workshops, we are a fashion, art, and gift boutique, we have tea and cookies with friends who visit, we host lovely events, we are a Chow Locally pick up partner, and much, much more.
For those of you who would love to make a refreshing, beautiful, and nutritious smoothie at home, I'll start posting the recipes along with a specially composed meditation so that you can get a little extra bang for the buck, so to speak. So this post is also a little about how meditation can help you get...and stay healthy.
Meditation helps you focus in on what is most important to you. It also helps your body relax, destress, and heal. Meditation helps you become aware of the state of your emotions, and the state of your body. When you meditate and focus in on your body, you become very aware of where you are holding tension, of where you feel stress, or pain. When you breathe deeply, you can breathe relaxation and healing into those spaces. When you meditate, you generate endorphins. Science proves that stress hormones and endorphins cannot reside in the same body at the same time.
I've written a short meditation to accompany you as you enjoy your Pineapple Orange Protein Smoothie. Enjoy!
Pineapple Orange Island Bliss

1 sliced banana
3/4 c. frozen pineapple tidbits
1/4 - 1/3 c. orange juice
2 scoops of Tera’s Whey Protein Powder (or your favorite)

Place all ingredients in blender and pulse until smooth. Pour into an island themed glass, garnish with orange slices and pineapple mint if desired. Read the following two minute meditation, then close your eyes and enjoy. ;-) ~Blessings, Janet♥

Island Bliss Meditation

Now close your eyes ----breathe in deeply....and exhale....now transport yourself to an exotic beach.....imagine yourself there....lounging on a beach chaise....stretched out on a towel...or .perhaps swaying away in a hammock....your Island Bliss in your hand....bringing it to your lips....inhaling it's sweet and tangy fragrance....notice that first taste as it lights up your taste buds....its smooth texture....continue enjoying the sights and sounds of your island paradise....with each sip you sink deeper and deeper into a state of relaxing island bliss....and now imagine the benefits to your body as you relax, as you take in this deliciously healthy beverage....notice your body responding...your cells drinking in the nutrients....your muscles and organs transforming....energizing....notice your spirit lifting....as you enjoy this beautiful, relaxing experience.......soaking up the sun's energy...enjoying the fresh sea breeze............now taking in the last drop of your sweet island elixir...breathing in every benefit of this brief escape....and breathing out......and when you are ready....slowly...gently....open your eyes...
If you would like to explore meditation more fully, join me each Saturday morning from 9-10 am for our POP ~ Peace on Purpose Group Guided Meditation. Find out more about that on my In Her Peace website.
Check back tomorrow when we will be featuring one of our new artists. Soooooo excited!
Have a beautiful day!

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