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Four years ago Shauna Kupetz brought a dream alive in this sweet early 1900s bungalow house in Old Town Scottsdale. JAM, so named after her beloved brothers, Jonathon and Max, became known by Sunset Magazine, as well as by the entire community, as "the coolest community center in town." While Shauna credits much of the magic to the historic residence, and to her 12 year old adored yorkie, Shvivee, it is her exuberant and loving spirit that brought this house and the Charles Miller Square to life. Local and worldwide artists have launched their careers here, lovers have sealed their lives, talented men and women have shared their gifts through fun and educational workshops, music poured out from the porch, and many a glass of bubbly has been lifted in celebration. Late this summer when Shauna shared with me that this would be her final year, I was at first stunned. I was not ready for her to be done there, in that sweet space. Shauna had invited me just a year prior to occupy one of the Creative Spaces, and I felt like there was so much we would do together there in that wonderful space. Shauna was adamant though; she was moving on. It took me a month to really allow it to soak in. You see, I had placed a photo of JAM on my vision board the year before. Now, I teach this stuff, so I know that when one door appears to close, it is only because another is in the wings waiting for you to see it. Still, I was reeling a bit. Then…I decided to play with the idea of moving my own business into the space that would soon be vacant. I sat with the idea for awhile, I dreamed about what I could bring to the community in this amazing historic space. And really, if I’m being honest, I sort of felt like it was a bit of a pipe dream. After all, it is THE Charles Miller Historic Home; The oldest home in Scottsdale. What was I thinking? To procure such a place, you have “to know someone.” Then one day when I was at JAM, I asked Shauna for her blessing on pursuing the space. I knew how much she loved the home and that even though she was moving on to a fabulous new adventure, that it would be bittersweet. We have become friends, and I wanted her to be at peace with it. I also knew that with what Shauna had created there…there were some mighty big boots to fill. Long story short, Shauna gave me her blessing and by Thanksgiving, I had met with Ben, the owner of this fabulous historic home, formed a new company, and signed a lease.

Still pinching ourselves, we are elated to bring Alis Living, to the Charles Miller Historical Home. Our intention is to create a place where art, nature, food, fashion, fun, and friends will come together to bring a sense of authentic living in this fast paced modern world. Walk Gently • Live Beautifully is our tag line, and the name Alis Living, was inspired by the Latin quote “Alis Volat Propriis,” which translates to “She flies with her own wings.” As Shauna takes flight on her new adventure, we send her off with blessings for an amazing New Year, as we look forward to our own new adventure and to celebrating each beautiful soul that crosses the threshold at Alis Living.

During the first quarter of 2015, we will begin filling the boutique space with beautiful organic clothing and accessories, natural stone, metal, and wood jewelry, gorgeous sustainable home décor, kitchen and self care items. We believe that living gorgeous happy lives should not harm your health or the planet and it is with that belief we curate our offerings.

Beginning in January, we will be presenting and hosting a variety of fun workshops and events. My coaching practice, In Her Peace has found a new home here as well. Alis Living and In Her Peace, along with a community of talented men and women will create a new perfect little place, a place to help us all learn and grow and love and create, and enjoy being ourselves Stay connected via our facebook page as we will begin posting 2015 events this week! Our website will go live January 1st, 2015! We love questions, so please contact us if you have any.

JAM is open through this Saturday, December 20th, so make sure to stop in and meet Shauna, and pick up some of her fabulous offerings. Visit Shauna’s facebook page and her website to stay updated on her new adventure.


~Holiday Love & Blessings,



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